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Women officials set to raise the bar?

Thursday, June 28, 2018
AFC Non-Elite Women Referees & Assistant Referees Course 2018 - group

Kuala Lumpur: A total of 29 referees and assistant referees benefited from the AFC Non-Elite Women Referees & Assistant Referees Course, which came to a close in the Malaysian capital on Thursday.

The four-day course, which is tasked to identify and select women referees and assistant referees for the AFC elite panel, is focused on raising the level of women match officials as well as providing them with opportunities for top level training and instructing.

The referees and assistant referees were tested on their physical condition through fitness tests as well as officiating techniques during simulated match situations.

The referees also underwent in-class interactive evaluations, video tests, a report writing assessment and oral exercises to demonstrate their English and presentation skills.

The officials were briefed on the latest amendments to the Laws of the Game, and were guided on how to analyse match incidents for accurate decision-making on the field and reporting off the field.

Successful candidates will be eligible to take charge of AFC level matches, which includes centralised competitions and qualification rounds.

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