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EAST Zone Communications Workshop concludes in Hong Kong

Friday, March 8, 2019
EAST Zone Communications Workshop (2)

Hong Kong: The capabilities of Communications specialists in the East region in managing crisis situations was further strengthened at the first-ever Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Communications Workshop for Member Associations (MAs) in the East Zone, which closed today in Hong Kong.

Led by AFC Communications Consultants, John Kent, former Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Football Federation Australia, as well as Peter Young who was the former General Manager of Cricket Australia, participants were presented with the necessary tools to build a crisis communications plan and the processes and structures required to deal with a crisis.

Some of the biggest crisis and issues to have affected a diverse range of industries which include a major aviation incident, international cricket, women’s football and FIFA World Cup were cast under the microscope, presenting participants with a broader perspective of crisis management.

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Risk registry, emergency management response, issues matrix and crisis communications plan and protocols were also surfaced and emphasised as was the need to play a more prominent role in influencing the risk management strategies currently being deployed by respective Member Associations, particularly with the ever-increasing speed of information flow since the rise of digital media.

Chinese Football Association, Head of Media and Public Relations, Sherry Huang said: “This has been a very good workshop and opportunity as this is the first time that all MAs in the East are coming together, to understand the challenges that we face. As professional bodies in Asia, we should all be well trained in social media and handling crisis communications.

“The workshop has been a great platform for us to exchange knowledge and to learn from the speakers as well as our fellow MAs and I would like to thank the Hong Kong FA as well as the AFC for taking this initiative.”

As part of efforts to enhance the capacities and capabilities of MAs, the workshop concluded with an interactive and engaging session designed to test the mettle of participants in managing a crisis, factoring in the key takeaways from the two-day workshop.

The workshop, which brings to a close a series of workshops held across all the five AFC Zones, represents the first steps in providing customised and tailor-made programmes for Member Associations and serves as a precursor to the next phase of assistance following the launch of the AFC Media and Communications Mentorship Programme in February this year.

The transformation is poised to continue in the coming months as the AFC looks to work closely with all Member Associations to establish and refine their capabilities in four main areas - crisis communications, media operations, digital and communications strategy.

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