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Persija's Rezaldi voted winner of 2018 AFC Cup Goal of the Group Stage

Monday, May 28, 2018
Rezaldi Hehanusa

Kuala Lumpur: After over 55,000 votes from Asia’s football fans on, Persija Jakarta's Rezaldi Hehanusa has emerged the winner of the 2018 AFC Cup Goal of the Group Stage.

The 22-year-old lifted the roof off at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on Matchday Two when he became the first Indonesian to score for Persija at the 2018 AFC Cup in a 4-1 victory over Singapore's Tampines Rovers. His sensational strike was a popular one as he secured 50% of the vote to win the poll.

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In the below, we review Rezaldi's winner and the other five nominees, with the full results of the poll at the end of the article.

1. Ho Khac Ngoc (Song Lam Nghe An)

A true howitzer of a goal kicks us off with this booming effort from Ho Khac Ngoc of Vietnam's Song Lam Nghe An. It was chosen as the 2018 AFC Cup's first Goal of the Week with 51% of the vote.


2. Salih Sadir (Air Force Club)

A swerving, bending effort by Salih Sadir also stood out on Matchday One, with the Air Force Club playmaker deceiving the Al Jazeera goalkeeper from distance. The two players will meet again in September when their sides meet in the West Zone final.


3. Rezaldi Hehanusa (Persija Jakarta)

The first of two Persija Jakarta goals, Rezaldi Hehanusa's rocket was a popular choice in the vote for Goal of the Week on Matchday Two with 87% of the 98,325 voters selecting it in the poll.


4. Addison (Persija Jakarta)

Nearly 120,000 votes were polled between March 15 and March 16 to decide that week's best goal, and it was Persija's Brazilian Addison who proved the favourite. The South American's dramatic volley was a worthy winner.


5. An Il-bom (4.25 SC)

Was it intentional? An Il-bom's sensational effort from wide on the left flank might be dismissed as a cross that got lucky by some, but the body shape and positioning of 4.25 SC captain An Il-bom as he lets fly suggests otherwise.


6. Paul Mulders (Global Cebu FC)

Global Cebu did not have an AFC Cup campaign to match recent years, but this goal from midfielder Paul Mulders was a definite highlight. Winning the ball not far into the Bali United half, the Filipino strode forward before letting fly an unerring effort from some way out that seemed destined for the bottom corner of the net.


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Salih Sadir
Rezaldi Hehanusa
An Il-bom
Paul Mulders
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